Knitting Mittens

Colorful mittens

I remember when I was in school, ages ago, I knitted a pair of warm mittens for myself. But that was with the help of my teacher. After that I haven´t tried to knit mittens. Until now.

I had some left over yarns that I wanted to make something of, and I wanted to learn to knit mittens. Because hey, winter is coming 😆

I searched for instructions on the internet, where else? 😂 And started. My very first mittens that I knitted without help from a teacher.

I had some yellow yarn, from the scarf that I knitted for my daughter a couple of years ago. So I started with that.

Then I continued with a self striping yarn from the legwarmers – that originally were meant to be socks for my daughter. 

And I just knitted. And here they are, my very first (or second) knitted mittens. Looking forward to many more mittens to come 😄


Take care!


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